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Draw on Image - How to Save?

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I'm trying to use the "Draw on Image" feature from a Wiki Page. I click on the icon with the pop-up text "Draw on the Image". The SVG editor then comes up and I can draw on the image. When I am done, I see the choices "Ok" and "Cancel" so I click "Ok" because I want to save my work. I am then taken back to the Wiki page where I see the image with the drawings on top of it.

So far so good. If I click on the "Draw on the Image" icon again it returns me to the editor where I can edit the drawings I already made. BUT if I reload the wiki page or go to the same wiki page from another machine, the drawings are gone! If I look in the history for the page, I don't see any changes to the page around the time I saved the drawing. I don't see any error messages indicating that something wasn't saved, but something clearly isn't being saved.

Where are the drawings supposed to be saved? I have looked in the file galleries and don't see the drawn on image, only the original images. I don't see any archived versions of the original image. Is is possible I have some kind of permission problem that isn't throwing an error, if so where would I check? (In this case I'm running as the Administrator, which seems to have permission to do everything anyway.) What do I need to do for the drawing I make on the image to actually persist?