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Flagged Revision - Notifications

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Hi all

This is my first post so please be nice redface

I have switched on the flagged revisions and it works brilliantly but I cannot get it to send notifications when a page needs to be approved. I have tried group watching etc and getting no results.

The wiki sends out emails when watching a page, password resets, etc

Any ideas? I'm using 14.2 (MyISAM)

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I does not look like the mail is actually being created - only emails that work are forgotten password, test email and when a user joins a group.

please help

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I don't think emails are generated for the page. I think you'll need to monitor the categories for changes. Alternataively, you can create a page (or even module) that lists all pages that need approbval. Please see the docs for details.


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Hi Rick

Thanks for the reply. I really need the system to send and email. I have also tried monitoring categories but still nothing

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