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Architecture / Installation

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I want to thank those who replied to my initial post here regarding general user support. I didn't mean to sound like a complainer, but when complaining is warranted...

At any rate, try to consider it as constructive criticism instead. I don't have time to mess with IRC right now, and I only have a limited amount of time to play with TikiWiki at the present time.

I suspect that it would be more productive, as far as support goes, to have the requests and responses for support logged here in the forums. That way, as long as someone is smart enough to use the search function, the busy developers won't have to answer the same question over and over (a problem if you are successful in growing your user base).

Since a new version has been released the day after I installed the first one, I think it fair to ask that at least some notes might be offered regarding new updates. I installed 1.8 initially, so I am assuming (perhaps dangerously) that I can just upload the new files overwriting the old ones without running any scripts.

This leads me to my second question: Why not release a package containing only the changed files? It took me several hours to upload it via FTP the first time, and I suspect that I really don't need to upload the thousands of image files all over again.

My third question: will installing the new incremental versions ovewrite any customizations present in an existing install?

A fourth question: is there a general architecture/directory structure map anyplace where a semi-literate person might be able to guess at what files are used for what?

A fifth and final, totally unrelated question: When I attempt to use the webmail feature, I get a password prompt. None of my existing passwords work, and after three login attempts it grants access to the page anyway (minus images). What file contains the password, or, how can the webmail passwords be changed? I mean the initial access password, not the individual user e-mail account passwords. I assume that once you have access to the feature, those passwords can be set on the webmail page. I looked at the .htaccess files and couldn't find anything.

Thank you for your patience with a rookie.

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  1. Sorry about the upgrade instructions...this should be a priority, you have some on ReleaseNotes181
  2. There's no reason except we don't do it. mose already raised this on IRC but apparently will to do it was lacking.
  3. Obviously, if you don't pay attention neutral
  4. Not AFAIK.
  5. Hum...I don't know what password you're talking about. Can you precise what php file is used when it asks your "initial access password"? In any case, I don't understand what you're doing in .htaccess.

About IRC versus forums, it's true. Hopefully, people who learn it on IRC will once decide to do some pages on doc.tw.o confused
Some did

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Regarding the webmail problem: the page being accessed is:


This results in a pop-up box which gives the domain and requests a password for Realm: WebMail

I'm confused, obviously. After transferring some of the files from 1.81 (which takes hours via FTP) , when I attempt to access webmail the page says "Error: -ERR Command not implemented " (it didn't do this before I misguidedly decided to try to upgrade). Then, following the prompt to "Click here for settings" I get the pop-up requesting a password. The normal user password does not work, as before.

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