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Menu Icons in Tiki 14.2

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Dear folks, I have been trying to configure menu icons with our Tiki14.2 test site.
I have copied the default menu and inserted it into the Left column. I then went in to edit the menu (copy) and the icons are populating the preview mode for the menu, but the icons will not show at the front end. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to force menu icons to appear at the menu?
Please see screen shot:

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It's a regression bug somehow, since that feature was not ported over to tiki13, 14 or 15.
Can you please create a bug report (or wish/about it at https://dev.tiki.org?


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Hello John

Set "Use Bootstrap menus" to "n" in your menu module and the icons should appear (tested in tiki15)


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And you also (optionally/alternatively) could stick with Bootstrap menus, and tick "Wiki Parse" and label this way:
{DIV(class="fa fa-phone fa-lg")}{DIV}~hs~~hs~~hs~~hs~~hs~contact
to use Fontawesome icons.

I guess, there are even more options, like "allow html in menus" (which seems to be unsafe if untrusted people had access to menu administration).

But as Gezza said:
Module menu needs option bootstrap=n for "classic" image icons ability, where "classic" means about "pre-bootstrap era".


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Gents, thanks so much, It works! I used Geeza's suggestion for now, Torsten, I'll give your idea a work through later, I like the idea of also having Fontawesome icons. My main goal is to have custom icons related to woodworking eventually. Man I really want to get our wiki live! When is 15LTS coming out! biggrin
I keep playing with our test sites, and the features I keep finding are pretty awesome. But at the same time, I want to start wiki'ing!
But I am not going to open up our wiki for editing until 15LTS, I think that is the wise thing to do for now.
Thanks again, and thanks Xavi for your help too!

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