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Highlight menu after selection on tiki 14.2

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Hi all,

I have configured an application menu as horizontal and the current selected menu should be highlighted (Set Selected -> 'y').

My problem is that some menus are highlighted and other not.

An example to compare are two menus placed by me called "Documents" and "Meetings". When I selected "Documents" this is highlighted. In the html I can see the class 'active' has been added to the item.

But, when I select "Meetings" the item is not highlighted. The class 'active' has not been added to the item.

From the DB -> table "tiki-menu-options" I've compared the corresponding entries. But I can not seen any difference.

Documents menuMeetings menu
optionId=404; menuId=43; type=s; name=Documents; url=tiki-index.php?page=Documents; position=45; section=""; perm=""; groupname=employees; userlevel=0; icon=NULL; class=""optionId=405; menuId=43; type=s; name=Meetings; url=tiki-index.php?page=Meetings; position=47; section=""; perm=""; groupname=employees; userlevel=0; icon=NULL;class=""

I can not find other settings for this behavior.

Can you help me ??

Thank you in advance,