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Confirm deletion OK button does nothing (delete users)

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For Example: I check the user and select remove users from the "Select action to perform..." drop down. Click ok. The "Please confirm deletion" dialog comes up but clicking on OK does nothing. Seems like a rights issue, but the admin group has full permissions.

I am just getting started using Tiki 15.2 LTS, MYSQL 5.7 and PHP 5.6 (or is it the other way round?)

Can I just delete them from the users_users table? what sort of havoc would that reap?

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Hi econcepts

I'm using also MYSQL 5.7 and PHP 5.6 (on Ubuntu 16.04), with latest 15.x from subversion, and deleting users works for me.

Can you please try to reproduce somewhere else, like http://demo.tiki.org ?
Thanks and welcome to the Tiki Community! smile

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Humm, running on windows server 2012R2 and IIS/8 but yeah probably not a bug but rather something I did with the permissions. I thought someone might recognize the symptoms and point me in the right direction. I will try the demo site, thank you so at least I can see what its supposed to look like.

well, the 15.x demo site wont work for me, even if I add the /tiki-login_scr.php to the url - I can login but it will crash, if I hit the back button it says I am logged in as admin, but going to the site index makes it crash again. Is there another demo site I might try?

the 14.x demo site seems to work fine for me.

ie (Fatal error: Call to a member function check_script() on null in /www/htdocs/w00ec615/15x/lib/live_support/lslib.php on line 8)

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The same behavior is in the change group assignments dialog from the users screen. The ok button shows the click animation but does nothing. Wahhhhhhh

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Hi, did you (or anyone else) found a solution yet? I'm having the exact same problem with the deletion ok button, and also with the group assignment box. Was a problem in tiki 14, and is still a problem in tiki 15.

Cheers, Joke

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I am having exactly the same problem here - the OK button for deleting users, or assigning users to group, do nothing (the button flickers but nothing else happens).
Strangely enough, we are running several separate tiki sites, and only one is having the problem.
I compared all security and look-and-feel settings on both sites, and they are absolutely identical.
Would really appreciate any help, as I am completely blocked now.
Note that any workaround (to assign users to groups) would also be useful.


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In case it helps : the bug is really due to the configuration, not to the install: I ported the mysql DB that has the bug as a new branch of the tiki that doesn't have the bug - and the bug is still there.
Does it ring any bell to anyone?

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I did compare the configs of both sites, feature by feature and I found that ...

the problem appears when the Ajax and Ajax auto-save features are off - and disappears when they are on (in Settings -> features -> interface).

Hope this helps

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I have both Ajax- features enabled, but still the buttons won't work for me.


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I had this problem with adding users or changing user passwords. The only solution I found was to re-install Tiki 15 (which then turned the little down triangles for the page admin options to exclamation points, but I took that)

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I have just installed 18.1 and I am getting a similar problem when trying to create a group. I get a Please Confirm link that does nothing. I am now unable to create a new group. Is there a workaround?

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