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Changings in language.php

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I installes tikiwiki and think it's great. However the translation to my language is quite bad so I edited the language.php-file (for my language) and made some changes. When I overwrite my new file nothing happens on my tiki, the old transaltion words is still there.

Does Tiki save the translation somwhere elese after installation or how can I change it?


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Make the changes in the language.php, open system admin feature at Admin menu option and purge templates_c directory.

You can see that lang directory in this area is empty now.

Reload the page and... voialá (i believe :-)

Regards from Brazil

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Hi pmichelazzo!

Thank you for your answer.

I did what you said and I got alot of warning-messages, like persmission denied. When I got back to start-page the text is back in english and not my language. It's really strange because I've deleted all other languages but my own. So, somehow the template_c is not all purged?

EDIT: Btw, it's much better to use english as default-language because the swedish translation is really bad...biggrin


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Hi Faroth,
permission denied must be coming from Apache.
Check the directories listed in System Admin and make sure permissions there are OK. otherwise just empty templates_c manually.

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I have the exact same problem and I've tried everything to make my language work.

I only have "my" language-file in the lang-folder and I've "Empty":d the template_c folder, but still the page is in english. How can it be when I have deleted the english language from the lang-directory?

If I use CHMOD 777 on the template_c directory it's no problem, but when I run the same command on the sub-directory (in my case "sv") it says that I don't have the persmission do perform the command.

Regards BjornT

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Hi Bjorn,
English has a special status in Tiki, it is used as a "root language". This means that strings are written in the code as "{tr}english string{/tr}" which calls a function to use language.php to translate "english string". If the translation is not found, the english string is shown.
The directories you're talking about were not created on Tiki installation, but when Tiki created its cache. Consequently its Apache that owns them. You'll have to su to chown them, although if Apache owns them there shouldn't be problems at first glance.

Good luck anyway, try to visit IRC #tikiwiki and you might find help there.