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Features / Usability

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Boy I played with this for a bit and I tried inserting tag html within the tabbed content and a few other things, and each time the tag would populate the top of the page, outside of the tabs. Seems like there should be a way Donny to tag tabbed content so the tag stays put only within that tabbed content and not appear at the top of the page. But I could not get it to happen. If a way does not exist, that would be an excellent candidate for the "Wishes" section.

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I hope they improve the TABS by allowing tags in individual Tab pages

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I tried a few tricks like making new pages that each had a tag and then using the "Include" plugin to pull them into the tab set, but the tags got left behind. Also I tied using '{module module="freetags_current"/}' , the Freetags Current module, in the tab content. This just confirmed that adding a tag within a tab's content applies it to the whole wiki page. So it appears that, short of using an iframe to include differently-tagged pages, there's no way to get per-tab tags. I'm not sure of how tightly tags are attached to pages in terms of the coding involved; I suspect a problem is that wiki pages are stored as wholes, but page sections are recognized separately for editing, so maybe there's hope for tags too. It would be worth submitting this on https://dev.tiki.org/Make a Wish as John said, or join in at a monthly roundtable meeting if you'd like realtime feedback :-).

-- Gary

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It could/should be possible using LIST wikiplugin and the INCLUDE one as Gary mentioned but it is a bit of a hacky way... So please make a wish ;)
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would there be a way to take multiple single pages and make them look like tabs on another page ?
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Yes, use the following code (Updated):

{TABS( tabs="Title 1|Title 2|Title3")}
{LIST()}{filter type="wiki page"}{filter field="title" exact="Page A"}{OUTPUT()}{display name=freetags" format="reference" type="freetag"}{OUTPUT}{LIST}
{include page="Page A"}
{LIST()}{filter type="wiki page"}{filter field="title" exact="Page B"}{OUTPUT()}{display name=freetags" format="reference" type="freetag"}{OUTPUT}{LIST}
{include page="Page B"}
{LIST()}{filter type="wiki page"}{filter field="title" exact="Page C"}{OUTPUT()}{display name=freetags" format="reference" type="freetag"}{OUTPUT}{LIST}
{include page="Page C"}

See https://doc.tiki.org/PluginTabs and https://doc.tiki.org/LIST---display-command