Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

[SOLVED] Error "shoutbox module not loading"

posts: 31 France

Hi all,

First steps with Tikiwiki, I've installed a fresh copy this morning on my virtual server. I've selected the "Business" layout and started to play with the settings...

As the wiki will be used as a internal knowledge base, I've unticked the Shoutbox module ("Megaphone" in French) on the wiki pages, among other modules which are not relevant to us. I've also selected the Simplex theme.

Unfortunately, it seems that devalidating these modules leads to some errors:

  • Homepage displays "Blog module cannot be executed"
  • Control panels displays "Error in module - the following modules cannot be loaded: shoutbox / upcoming-events"

Is there any known incompatibility between Simplex and those modules? Did I make any mistake when setting these modules "off"? What's the correct way to remove them?

Thanks in advance for any help!

posts: 31 France

Hi all,

Just found that the module had to be devalidated from the Modules control panel... ;-)

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