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Issue displaying structure toc in menu

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I am a new tiki user/admin, so bear with me if I am missing some simple configuration. I did my best to read the documents and will be using them to show my struggle.

I was able to create a new menu module using a structure. However this is not displaying the full 'toc' of the structure, and instead just the main page, so the 'menu' isn't much of a menu! Here are some screen shots of my config and resulting look and feel.

I blacked out the wiki/structure name, as it is identifiable. It shouldn't be important, but let me know if 'you' thinks it is.

Shows how it looks:
Screenshot 2017 9 7 TikiWiki Admin Modul
Shows where the structure is configured:
Screenshot 2017 9 7 TikiWiki Admin Modul
Shows the structure... has more to the structure:
Screenshot 2017 9 7 TikiWiki Structure U
Screenshot From 2017 09 07 08 46 42 Edit

This page seems to indicate what I want is possible, though it might be outdated. https://doc.tiki.org/Structure-Admin

Create a Menu from a structure toc

You can create Menus from structure table of contents by means of several ways:

Module menu

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No, I wasn't able to reproduce, in the demo it works successful! I would bet I am missing dependencies. I noticed when doing the install, that the instructions are simply to prepare a lamp server. Later I found that a number of additional PHP modules were needed to get things running properly, such as this list: "php-gd php-xml php-mysql php-mbstring php-mcrypt php-devel php-pear". I always feel like I am still missing more.

I was wondering, is there a more proper list of dependencies than 'lamp server' available?

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