Re: tiki.org Footer Replication


Hi John,

The footer at this site is created using the menupage module, loading a wiki page, Shared_t_o_footer. You can take a look at the page source there, or copy it as starting point. As you can see, the footer content is made up of several Bootstrap grid divs (col-md-2), each containing a box div (which, after looking at this again, I don't see a reason for as I don't find any CSS rules applying to it anymore, so the box divs could be left out) which in turn contains a list. And everything is inside a twfooter div. Actually the only purpose of the twfooter div seems to be to prevent the external link icon from displaying,

/* Footer */
.twfooter .icon.icon-link-external {display: none;}

so you may or may not need that.

There's a combination of HTML and wiki syntax to get the desired layout in the easiest way. There's more than one way to approach this kind of thing, and in fact the themes site uses a different combination of syntax, but either way works ok.

See https://themes.tiki.org/Making+columns+for+wiki+content for a general description of using Bootstrap grids for content columns, if you're not familiar with the idea already.

-- Gary