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Geolocation: Search for location by coordinates

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I'm adding a Geolocation map to a wiki page and I want to put a marker on coordinates I have. Playing with the map, the search features doesn't seem to do anything and I have the manually move around the map to place a marker on the desired location I want. I want to be able to drop a marker precisely on the coordinates I have.
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Does this help Jeffrey?

{map controls="controls, layers, search_location, levels, scale, streetview, navigation, coordinates" width="500" popupstyle="bubble"}

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Not perfect but it certainly helps! Thanks.

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Hi Jeffrey,
IIRC the map location search works only when you add your Google map API key on the control panel.


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Just to follow up. I got the Google Maps API running and it does indeed work now. However, it doesn't like decimal coordinates. I have to use Degrees Minutes Seconds instead of Decimal Degrees. A little inconvenient but I can get by.
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You don't need to manually enter the coordinates you can do a search and type in an address or whatever, and it will auto populate the coords in.
In the map example above you'll see "search location".

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I just prefer using coordinates that address. Not everything has an address :-)

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Jeffery, there is also a nice function in your setup wizard, you may want to fire up a test instance before you get to deep into your live wiki, and experiment with the different profiles related to geolocation of pages.
You can apply the following profiles that are related to geo location:

  • Easy GeoBlog
  • GeoCMS

They are fully functional and will setup your wiki to center around geo location of articles, wiki pages, blogs, etc.
If you don't mind going back to Tiki15, there is a wonderful "in the works" but functional "Cartograph" project that is really awesome. You can create pages via trackers and have info dialogues pop up with intro text and images. It's worth a look into if you don't mind getting a little dirty, but it works, and is under development as far as I know.
See here at: https://profiles.tiki.org/CartoGraf

Here is a live example: http://cartograf.learnquebec.ca/Map?coordinates=-65.33569335937445%2C48.589325849670075%2C8&shareCode=ZZZfg2016cb&mapName=Fit%20%26%20Grit%20Bike%20Ride%20across%20Gaspe&sourceId=50060#Map

Imagine you could have cemetary markers plotted throughout the map (you can customize your own markers) and when you click on the marker, an image of tombstone pops up, and a caption or info box for that location populate a popup window. The possibilities are endless.

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Funny enough, the Configuration Profiles Wizard hasn't been working on this installation of TikiWiki 18. I've used it before on 14 and 17. Anytime I try to apply a profile I get "Error loading profile" so I didn't apply any. However, the Configuration Wizard works just fine.

I do like the idea of CartoGraf. I don't think I'll use it for graves, would be too cluttered. I do have a collection of hundreds of photographs taken in Europe during WWII. Many have the city written on the back or have identifiable landmarks. I want to plot these on a map so I can follow the trail to Germany.

Thanks for your support. I'm glad I chose to use TikiWiki for this project. So many capabilities.