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Architecture / Installation

DB table tiki_password_blacklist is missing

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So after trying to upgrade (another thread) im having issues with creating users as well, because the system reports that "tiki_password_blacklist" table is missing in the DB:

Error is:

Error code after attempting to upgrade
System error.
The following error message was returned:

Table 'domain.com_wiki.tiki_password_blacklist' doesn't exist
Database is not currently up to date! Visit Tiki Installer to resolve this issue. If you have shell (SSH) access, you can also use the following, on the command line, from the root of your Tiki installation: php console.php database:update

The query was:
SELECT 1 FROM tiki_password_blacklist WHERE BINARY password=?;

The built query was likely:

SELECT 1 FROM tiki_password_blacklist WHERE BINARY password='some_example_password';

So how can this be fixed?
What type of query on mysql (MariaDB), has to be configured to add it back?
I have no idea what type of or how many columns that table needs to work etc.


posts: 58

Oh that is nice of you! lol
Thanks i will try that!

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