Show your Tiki !


Every Tiki is different and I’m looking for different Tiki to prove it.

It may be be visually (the way it look) or technical (what does it do) and it will interesting to see the different way to use Tiki.

Please share and post here.
Can be an url, screenshot with explanation, etc.


Thanks Luci, I was there already and that’s the reason of my post here.

There are only 5 (yes five) website there.
I’m sure we have plenty of good quality that deserve their places on this page.

United States


Our wiki is about woodworking, eventually all those categories will be full up with great content. Right now I have been working on a category for American Woods, here is the link at https://thepatriotwoodwiki.org/Wood-Research-Portal

We run an online forum community, and our wiki is the knowledge base for our community.
Theme is Utopia with css customizations, I am not that good at themeing, most of the custom themeing you see in our wiki was by help of Gary Cunningham and Torsten by me posting questions here.

Someday we'll have our theme looking more sophisticated as my own skills improve.