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Group watches for Wiki changes

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Hey Tiki community,

maybe it's just one click, but I need a hint where I can set a group watch for every change made in the wiki part.
I got one for the articles (articles_*) already, but I don't know how to do it for the wiki changes:

eventObject Idmailuser/group

I think it should be something like:


At the wiki list page the "eye" is missing.

Best regards,

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Hi Marcus,
I think it is a missing feature... You can group watch individual wiki pages but not all of them, right?


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Try using URL like tiki-object_watches.php?watch_event=wiki_page_changes&objectId=*
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Hey luci,

thank you, that's the link I was looking for biggrin !

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Hey luci and community,

the link worked and there's now an entry for the group, but when I create/delete/change wiki pages the wiki doesn't send a mail to the group members. Every time I add a single user tiki sends a mail.
Additionally the categories/group memberships are not considered, so the users are informed even if they're not authorized to see it.

Is there a way to set group watches for wiki changes in specific categories? Actually we're using Tiki 15.5 LTS