Foldable clickable content in a module


Hi, I'm new in Tiki. I would like to have folding (unfolding) list of
pages (placed in one structure) in the left column like in Confluence
(Atlassian Software). Item should be a link. Can anyone advise me?

My first attempt: I used "Mane Page" module and refer to page with this

{toc structId="23" showhide="y"}

The structure contains all my requested pages. But there are two problem:
1) list is not collapsible;
2) item text (name page) is wrapped into more lines (it is very disarranged)

My tiki version is 19.1

United States

The TOC plugin only works with structures... is that what you want? Also, the showhide is not a valid option for the plugin.

Are you trying to create a menu? Please see the docs, then simply add the menu to a module, and assign to the left column. Please see the docs for details.


- Rick | My Tiki Blog | My Tiki UserPage

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