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Re: Re: Re: Editing or removing Forum sections

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Hey Xavier, thank you.

Yes, I worked out a couple of things with forums - indeed the way I have been playing with sections is, if I want to rename something I will do as you said.

It's a workaround but - conceptually - if you had a fairly substantial number of forums under a section, renaming that section would imply going through all the forums and re-assigning them.

As for the order:

I have seen that alphabetical is currently the only way to order sections - which can be okay for the management of some forums but not for others.

In that case, another workaround can be adding a number in front of the sections so that, for example for this forum, if you wanted to have Support as the first forum you would name the section renamed into 01 - Support and so on.

I fully understand that - given Tiki was engineered some 16 years ago - some elements might have seemed adequate at the time and then focus was put into developing certain features more than others: absolutely not a criticism of the development team. In fact, I think they have done a great job in developing Tiki into what it looks today (and I have only seen a few things).

Happy to help out for what I can, which at the moment does not include PHP, JS or Smarty skills I'm afraid.