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Features / Usability

Getting Caldav up and running

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Im using tiki now for a year, just updated to 21 to include Caldav for my Intranet Users.
I got a public calendar. Is it meant to be discovered by Caldav Client? I
m using davx from F-droid. And couldnt find the caldav configuratio.
Have this client been testetd?
Which Clients are working?
Is a public calendar meant to reachable via Caldav?
When opening tiki-caldav.php as admin it says
"calendar-1 Collection, Calendar, Shared Öffentlich"

Thanks for your support and Tikiwiki

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slowtobi wrote:
Is a public calendar meant to reachable via Caldav?

Hi Tobi, welcome!

This is a new feature in Tiki 21.x and i'm afraid i haven't tried it myself yet, how about you join us on the XMPP chat at https://wikisuite.chat and maybe someone there might know how this all works?

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Thx for the welcome Jonny,
got it working.
This link helped a lot

For Davx5 on Lineage OS the useraccount must be the user who setup the calender.
Automatic detection didnt work it must be url/tiki-caldav.php .

For evolution on MX Linux it worked as well with url/tiki-caldav.php (read and write). Didnt try yet with different useraccounts. Ill post results of further experiments.

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I was wrong davx5 did just synchronize even with different account name than calendar creator and for multiple calendars.
So its really working.
Writing to calendar from davx did work too, but not on public calendar, yet.

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Was my fault, didnt have permission to add events on the calendar from this account ;)
Now it is working, i got 2 different calendars running in 1 account on Davx5 with read and write permissions, depending on the account permissions in Tiki.
Thanks for getting caldav into Tiki, im really impressed and happy about this feature!

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slowtobi wrote:
Thanks for getting caldav into Tiki, im really impressed and happy about this feature!

Well done, i'm looking forward to trying it - is there a "how to" page somewhere?

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Jonny Bradley wrote:
Well done, i'm looking forward to trying it - is there a "how to" page somewhere?

This is the small documentation for the intranet-admins/users:
The calenders on this page support caldav for registered users.
Caldav is an extension to webdav and a way to syncronize whole calenders between clients and server.
The caldav server in our case is accesible at https://waldorfschule-badkreuznach.de/tiki-caldav.php.
Tested working clients were Davx5 on Android 9. And Evolution on Linux. The Lightning plugin of Thunderbird didnt work with multiple calendars on 1 server adress. If you got further clients working please add them here.

Setup multiple calendars and permissions
We have setup atleast 2 Calenders. 1 is public calender with read access for everyone and write access for Moderators (Events shown on homepage). The other one is internal calender with access read and write for every registered user (permissions set via object permissions at https://waldorfschule-badkreuznach.de/tiki-admin_calendars.php).
If they are synced via caldav you can check here:
calendar-1 Collection, Calendar, Shared Öffentlich
calendar-2 Collection, Calendar, Shared Interner Kalender

Setup Davx5
Costfree version of Davx is available at Fdroid store.
But it is definitely worth the money at Play store if you got gApps and a Google account running.
Full documentation can be found on their page , most of the guide is copied from there..
Step by step for this page:

  • Open DAVx⁵.
  • Allow it to be whitelisted from battery saving.
  • Tap on ⊕ to create a new account.
  • Choose "Login with URL and and user name"
  • base URL= https://waldorfschle-badkreuznach.de/tiki-caldav.php
    User name = Your user name in the Intranet
    Password = Your password for login in Intranet
  • Finish the steps to create the account.
  • Select the account in DAVx⁵.
  • Select the calendars you want to have synchronized so that they are shown with checkmark (☑). Grant event permissions when asked.
  • You can now access the calenders of this page in the calender app of your mobile device

Setup on Iphone
As i dont have such a device i couldnt test is yet.