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Search - content section is empty

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Under TikiWIki 21(.2) only the page title is displayed in the search results list, but no longer text in the content section.

We tested once in the demo area on tiki.org.
There, pages with Lorem ipsum content were created and then we searched for Lorem.
All pages were listed as results but no content was displayed.

In the local test with newly created databases with TikiWiki 18.2 and TikiWiki 21.2, the text content appears under 18.2 but under 21.2 a number instead:
Suche02 182
Suche02 212
Even rebuilding the search index does not change this.

Is the problem known or is there perhaps a solution?

Maybe it hasn't been noticed so far when switching to version 21, because in a TikiWiki with many pages the problem is not directly visible, because apparently only some search result entries are affected.
Suche03 212

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Hi Christoph
Do you have the "parse results" pref checked?

Screenshot 2020 09 13 At 13.50.53

Maybe that fell off in the upgrade somehow?

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Thanks, confirmed, definitely a regression when using the mysql (default) engine - how annoying...