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Martin GOBIN wrote:

Hello !

I'm struggling with Tiki search engine.
My Tiki is a simple database with structures and wiki articles.

I've created a search engine module on top of my website, and I want this search bar to scan the inside of my articles, and not just the titles or the article description.
I searched on the options and looked it up on the forums but I couldn't find no answer.

Is there a way to enable search for the entiriety of the articles ?

Please note that I am not a developper, I only know the basics.
Feel free to ask for more details, or tell me if this isn't the place for this.
My Tiki version is 21.1

Thanks in advance !

Hello Martin,

Never tried this but it seems to work ok here using "MySQL full-text search" (default)
Screen Shot 2021 01 05 At 13.46.36

I checked "tiki-admin.php?page=search" and I can see that "Default where" are all unchecked (so search should be done over the complete information available).

Did you refresh your index lately ?