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Architecture / Installation

Restoring an old tiki site

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Murdoc wrote:
I have a website, two actually, both used old versions of Tiki, 3 and 4 I believe. However I lost the site at the host and want to restore it, but with the latest version. I have the databases for both sites, and the extra files (uploaded pictures, etc.), but I am not sure what the best route to take is. Install the latest version, link to old db, hope for the best? Or track down an old version of tiki, install that, then upgrade? Something else?

Hello Murdoc

That's what I would do, install a new version and install/upgrade the database.
I would put aside the design for now (CSS have changed since Tiki4 ;-) ).

It is hard to evaluate like this (no idea what is in your Tiki) but you may have to adapt, change features, etc.

You may prefer to hire a Tiki consultant.
Good luck !