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How to disable side-bar menu for registered users

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By default the side-bar menu on a wiki page (with Home, Search etc.) is disabled for anoynmous users but enabled for registered users and admins.

Is there a way to disable it for registered users (across all wiki pages on the site) leaving it enabled only for admins?

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Hi David,

Yes, you can go to the Admin Modules page (tiki-admin_modules.php) and find the "menu" module under the Assigned modules tab. It's under the "Left" tab within the Assigned modules tab content. Click the wrench/spanner icon to open the popup that contains the "Edit" link. On the edit screen that displays,. under the "Basic" tab, down at the bottom, you can see the "Groups" selector. Click "Admins" to select that group (this means only Admins can see the menu module) and then click the "Assign" button at bottom right.

-- Gary

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Thank you!