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[solved] Table with colspan and rowspan in a guest-editable wiki

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I am transferring content from a mediawiki to a Tiki-wiki. My Tiki-wiki is open for editing by guests, so I do not want to enable the html tag as it supports js and thus is unsafe. Simple tiki-syntax tables do not even support rowspan. FANCYTABLES seems to be a translation for html tables, but it is not documented how to use colspan. Nesting tables seems also not supported in both of them.

Is there any safe way to create a table using colspan and rowspan? I did not anticipate tiki to have only such basic support for tables - in contrast to mediawiki. :-(

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There is 2 different approach in terms of content editing.
The wiki approach with the wiki syntax (simple fast editing)
The WYSIWYG with the ck-editor (formatting and friendly tools)

What you want is to use the second one.
I didn't work with since a while and there are plans to upgrade it but I tested and it is still there.

Screen Shot 2021 12 28 At 7.35.34
Screen Shot 2021 12 28 At 7.34.12

See: https://doc.tiki.org/WYSIWYG

However I'm not sure it is wise to turn all your page to use WYSIWYG editor... As said long time not used... Good luck.

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Thanks for pointing out the menu in WYSIWYG mode. The merge cell options are only available in simple table. Unfortunately, at least in Tiki 21, it only works as long as you don't preview, switch to text editor or save your work. It makes sense to not work, as the tiki syntax does not support it - according to documentation. Is that changed in more recent versions? I did not want to upgrade until tiki 24 LTS was out, but if that feature works in tiki 23, it would be worth to think about using tiki 23 until 24 LTS is out...

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Plugin {FANCYTABLE} does what I want, it just was not documented. I found it in the source code. Now it is documented.