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Synchronize Forum and external Mailinglist -Help with config

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First time back using Tiki since I left seven years ago! Brand new install and the only thing I've tried to set up so far is synchronizing a forum with an external listserv. I'm rusty so go easy on me!

I think I accurately followed directions at https://doc.tiki.org/Forum-and-Mailing-List-Synchronization and configured the forum "Framing Ninjas" and then two subforums “General Discussion" and "Info" (Tiki and Mailman settings are below). However no posts I generate in the forum or subforums get sent to the listserv and no emails from the listserv get to the forum (or subforums) and I get not error messages in either Tiki or Mailman.

After getting the problem above I noticed that subforums also have the same settings so I set one subforum the same as the general forum settings. Still no dice.

Here’s the setup:

(I set up two users in Tiki and two in Mailman, using the same email addresses.)

Forward messages to this forum to this email address, in a format that can be used for sending back to the inbound forum email address: framingninjas@framingninjas.org

Send emails even when the post is generated by an inbound email (unchecked)

Append a reply link to outbound mails enabled

Originating email address for emails from this forum ForumOut@mail.framingninjas.org

Add messages from this email to the forum

POP3 server mail.framingninjas.org (I did try Forum out at framingninjas.org first —didn't work -so neither work)
User ForumIn@framingninjas.org
Password **************

Post approval for testing All posted


These addresses have been created in Cpanel and subscribed to Mailman through mass subscription. None are pending approval:

ForumIn at framingninjas.org
ForumOut at framingninjas.org
ForumOut at mail.framingninjas.org

Nodupes and plain are enabled for all. All other settings unchecked.

I am assuming email addresses are not case sensitive.

It also seems the mailing list creates it’s own email address that is not listed under email addresses in Cpanel —and indeed if I try to make one i get:

So I'm assuming that's the way things should be.

Thanks in advance!


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Hello UncleGeo,

Not real help from me (sorry never used this) but nice to see you back on Tiki. 😉

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Wow thanks! Good to hear from you again. Marc Laporte also reached out. This is the Tiki Community I remember -helpful even with people who use Tiki and are maybe (maybe) power users, but certainly not programmers.

Marc sent me an IEEE article on Tiki —Ten Years After on the unique Tiki Way of development. Tiki is all the more unique for the wonderful sense of community.

I'm Happy to be back!


Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist wrote:

Hello UncleGeo,

Not real help from me (sorry never used this) but nice to see you back on Tiki. 😉