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How to use groups field in user menu?

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I am trying to limit a menu item for a certain wiki page to people in just one group. I thought that maybe the group field in the menu editor would be for doing that. When I put anything in that field, the menu item never shows up. What would go in this field?

I am on version 1.8.2 right now.

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Does anyone know if this field is used by the menu or if there is another way to limit menu choices to the users group?

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It works for me in 1.8.4 (BRANCH-1-8)

Make sure the group name is spelt exactly the name (upper/lowercase)

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Also be sure to empty the ./modules/cache/ directory, as the old menu version might still be loading instead of the updated version. In my case, the menu is linking to a tracker, and I put "tiki_p_view_trackers" in the permissions field.

-- Chibaguy