• Gustavo Muslera

    Instead of a script that download "on demand" the necessary PEAR libraries, things could be simpler: just put them as requirements. Is not something new, you must see what requires typical perl programs, and in the plus side, by this time (or at least the versions that tiki requires) there are enough of PEAR to at the very least being very automated or easy for the end user to download the needed modules..

    • Louis-Philippe Huberdeau

      From what I saw from tiki so far, it's common habbit to grab the user's hand to do anything. Having a script do actually fullfill those dependencies can't be bad.

      If we're just to ask requirements, there are multiple extensions we could use to do most of the dirty work.

  • luciash d' being 🧙

    What a mess! cool
  • Lorinc

    wikigraph plugin alongside lib/graphviz/Graphviz.php would like to move to mods.tikiwiki.org, but I couldn't find a way to login using tw.org username/password... there may also be some parts in wikilib.php for graph generation, and a php to show the graph in root dir...
  • techtonik

    Just thought about how to seed some features for collaborative development in tw, but on the second look it seems that I might need that code somewhere else. It's a pity tw is LGPL (I never thought about it), because it contains many artpieces of code, which could be used in other projects, enhanced and contributed back to community. In the case of LGPL collaboration with commercial or copyrighted developers is not possible unless code BSD, PHP or MIT licensed. In any case tw has very friendly community, but even if I'll make the code dual LGPL/BSD licensed I loose an ability to backport fixes. All this licensing stuff is definitely suxx. =/
  • Marc Laporte

    I don't see limitation. LGPL can be used in GPL projects.

    Can you elaborate?

    M ;-)