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flag Master Series CGI Scripts
Master Series CGI Scripts
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flag www.techscraps.com

this is a technical collaboration website. it's geared towards non-googleable, hard to find technical knowledge. It also has a wiki tips section where I'm planning to put all the tips and my experiments with tikiwiki.

e.g. latest tip about "how to add abdreas style logo to tiki stylesheet!!"


you can reach me at admin at techscraps.com
OR of-course you can shout at www.techscraps.com
feel free to become member of techscraps gang .. ;-)

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flag PHP Tell
PHP Tell is an industry solid site recommendation (tell a friend) tool that will drive targeted traffic to your website. The best sales lead and traffic is generated by direct peer-to-peer referrals generated by your website visitors. Referrals produce excellent sales conversion ratio. And because visitor referrals are FREE, it is very cost effective!
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