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Admins can batch import users by uploading a CSV (comma-separated values) file in Admin / Users (tiki-adminusers.php). The CSV file needs to have the column names in the first record. The column titles must match with fields in "users_users" table. Login, password and email are required fields. If an unexistant field is specified, it's ignored.

Example CSV file:


Which tags available? all casesensitiv!!! red ones are must!!!

  • login
  • password
  • email
  • realName
  • homePage
  • country
  • groups


Typical Uses

Useful for sites making use of HTTP Authentication or other non-Tiki authentication system.

Case Studies

The YaleUniversityITS uses a non-Tiki authentication system, a WebISO (web initial sign-on) service known as Central Authentication Service (CAS). The admin imported a CSV file with all users who are allowed access to the site. These users are then able to authenicate with CAS and login to TikiWiki.

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