If you are a blogger (or want to become one) Tiki is your idea factory.

Tiki's Blogs feature enables users to enjoy all the best features of weblogs (including RSS output, trackback pings, and remote posting via Blogger-compatible programs, such as w.Bloggar), but without the hassle (and, often, the expense) of using commercial blogging services.

  • You can make any blog your home page.

A Tiki site can be set up to display a blog as its home page (see General Admin ). This means you can use Tiki as an alternative to less-feature-rich alternatives, such as Moveable Type.

Why just one?

Tiki's Blogs feature enables administrators to set up as many blogs as they like, or administrators can give users permission to create their own blogs. Blogs can be accessed by listing them (Menu/Blogs/List Blogs) or by creating a link to one or more blogs in a custom menu.

Blog configuration options include the number of posts to display, whether other users are allowed to post in the blog, and whether searches and comments are allowed. In addition, the blog heading can be edited; by default, it displays the date of creation and last modification, the total number of posts and visits, and a figure that sums up the blog's activity level.



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