After logging in with admin and admin as username and password in your new tikiwiki site,

  • change the password of 'admin' user
  • In the left side menu click on :: to the left hand side of Admin and click on Users
  • Fill the 'Add a new user' form (you can ignore 'Batch upload...') and press Add.
  • The new user you created will appear in the list of Users below. Click on the key icon having the tool tip of: Assign Group (Active) for this new user.
  • In the table at the bottom, click 'assign' for the last record having the name as 'Admins'.
  • Log out as admin and log in using your new user account that has been given admin privileges.

Flash screen recording: I created a small flash movie about adding a new user and making him admin. For what it is worth, it can be viewed at http://sridharkatakam.com/sri-addons/flashots/tikiwiki/CreatingANewAdmin

Download: http://sridharkatakam.com/sri-addons/flashots/tikiwiki/CreatingANewAdmin.rar

(Has no sound)

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