There exist experimental branches in CVS:


Branch dedicated to the work of lfagundes also known under name of batatata on irc.
topic: adding a wikiId in everywhere so wiki is managed like image galleries with many wikis. Possible further moves include internationalization, and evoluted things but the primary goal of that move is only to add a wikiId everywhere (more to be defined by batatatata).

What we need here is to have multiple independent wikis. There will still be a main wiki for the site that's integrated with everything, but users will be able to create other wikis.
This will be done by creating a new table tiki_wikis with wiki information and add wikiId parameter for all wiki related tables. Main site wiki will be id 0 and won't be listed anywhere, this id 0 will be a default on all libs, so to keep compatibility.

There's tiki-admin_wikigal.php (but not linked anywhere) with proper template and wikilib and histlib have already wikiId support. Tables where created and modified according to tiki_1.8-1.9.sql (no other sql yet).
I've also modified tikilib, but since I don't fully understand it and it's too big and complex, I preferred to rename my version as tikilib_unsure, so that someone that knows better tiki's core can help me on that.

The guideline now is to make it possible to have many tikis, as simple as possible, without breaking anything. Just have to be sure that this wikiId is everywhere needed.

branched on 2004-02-27 the tiki module (-- mose)

To checkout a fresh branch
cvs co -r EXP-WIKI-FARM -d tiki-wiki-farm tikiwiki
cd tiki-wiki-farm

To change Head to wiki-farm
cd tikiwiki
cvs -q up -r EXP-WIKI-FARM -dP

to revert to HEAD
cd tikiwiki
cvs -q up -dAP

working here: lfagundes, dgd, mose

Just as a sidenote, but would this not be better put into place by doing something along the lines of what I tried to explain earlier here and and here ? That way, you would have a more generic solution that would affect all future changes as well and make them less complex. It would also eliminate all those extra tables and all those 'lets mix this feature with that feature in a way that when I want to use this new feature in yet another feature, I would have to start all over again'. It would open the gate for other ' generalisations '. — gongo

that branch became http://tikipro.org project

The branch EXP-CORE-SPIDER is for spider's core he wants to try. (spider's cvs user is 'gravesweeper')

I created the branch like this:

cvs checkout tiki
cd tiki

If merging from HEAD should be possible, more tags are necessary.

Accessing the branch:

cvs checkout -r EXP-CORE-SPIDER tiki

You should not use the tikiwiki module. See page Cvs18 how to get adodb and smarty in your branch. Adodb and smarty should use HEAD branch (and you should not change things herein).


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