Major News Flash
There is a great opportunity for Tiki to get an "already integrated" DMS that we can basically drop in as a replacement for the File Gallery. This DMS was written by Gary Clift and I have it up and running on my test site.




images/videos/sounds/flash gallery ?
Image Gallery Approbation
Better Downloads Section
File Gallery - add additional metadata
File Gallery - mass operations
gallery: table view:: comment fields
file download / filesize
Sub-level galleries
improved Image Gallery & File Gallery -Administration
upload image: include file name in success message
Ability to move files between galleries
multimage upload like file gallery
File Gallery versioning
provide interface to upload MANY pictures/files
Galleries: File and Image Naming and Revisions

Competition and standards

Q-Docs' Content Management vs. Document Management
cms-list: Whats the Difference CMS, DMS, GroupWare?
Metatorial.com's The Difference Between Document and Content Management

CVS Doc section

none yet


none yet

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