LiveSupport is personnel intensive. A Kempelen Box provides an alternative. It is "like a room full of experts, who are able to tell visitors where to find useful sources of information. Instead of being there in person, the experts are represented by software agents."

  • Where are we?

Re: DogFood If a newbie is savvy enough to connect to IRC Willow'Connecting To IRC and another member of the TikiCommunity is available and willing to help, the newbie may get her or his questions answered.

Sometimes the expert will simply poll TikiBot in a certain way to reference a particular page in TikiDocumentation and direct the inquirer to that information or, perhaps, to one of our TikiMovies. Such responses repeated over and over again are captured in IRC logs. Information in these logs could form the basis for an ExpertSystem.

See also TikiTeamUsability

  • Where do we want to be?
  • Who is working on what? (Priorities/goals/majors issues/roles)


Who is working here generally? Link UserPage.

  • Bugs
  • RFEs
  • tech support
  • patches

Competition and standards

List of other products with similar/interesting/related features.

Here I would like to see some "editorial" content. How do our features compare to others?

CVS Doc section

This is where new features being developed and only in CVS are documented. When the CVS becomes RC/official release, the info in the CVS docs is transferred to update the official docs (FeatureXDoc).


Where ideas can be exchanged, debated, etc. Interested people can subscribe to the wiki page and/or to these forums as they would a mailing list.

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