Description Status
Speed up forums
(from various RFEs) Implemented caching and cache preloading for user information etc. - many queries saved for an OK speed increase (v1.9).
Mail to forum link needs improving
Currently this polls the inbound account for each user's hit to the forum leading to some mail servers detecting a DoS attack. Completely rewritten and working on my (live) site, but it was a bit of a kludge to avoid database changes (just a field to store the last time server was polled) so needs a bit of work before it hits v1.9. Improved threading too by using the subject line if thre is no in-reply-to header because many mail clients do not use in-reply-to. TODO use threading headers if they are there.
Forum modules
Lots to do here, hopefully in a backwards-compatible way
Consider global change to make module paramaters available (via smarty->assign) to templates.
Object permissions are ignored in modules - correct this but leave old performance available via option 'noperms'.
Some formatting is done in the module PHP code rather than the template (eg prepending Forum Name:). Correct this but leave the old data available in the array passed to the template for backwards compatibility.
Implement new parameter 'id=' to specify forum(s).
Implement nonums paramater as in articles listing. Consider change to nonums wherever it is used to put the formatting in the template.
Remove forum bloat from commentslib
Commentslib is nearly always included, but there is lots of stuff in there that only relates to moderating forums. Back burner.
Correct threaded forums implementation?
It looks as though forums were intended to be threaded (optionally?) but I don't thinks this works. Back burner.
User/Admin Documentation
One day, one day.

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