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The release manager was ohertel.

This release of Tikiwiki will also close some of the final outstanding security issues that didn't make it into 1.8.2 and also carry on the bugfix and slight feature backporting from 1.9 aka HEAD branch.

This version was released 3/6/2004 by ohertel! Download your copy from SourceForge!

Note: I've increased the version numbers to 1.8.3 (CVS) - Damian

Fixes so far:

New Goodies:
  • damian.css - a style which uses a horizontal phplayer menu for the basis of its navigation Damian
  • Individual images in galleries can now be categorised! Damian
  • RSS: New 'refresh' button on admin page for external rss feeds ohertel
  • SF RFE: 887918 - RSS Feed for directories ohertel
  • New module! Top Forum Posters! ModuleTopForumPosters damian
    shows avatar, name and number of posts
  • New Wikiplugin - {FLASH()} for displaying SWF content in a wiki enabled area. PluginFlash - damian
    takes movie, height, width, quality as parameters
  • tikibot : now an add content in wikipages using irc hook mose
  • New Wikiplugin - AGENTINFO --> PluginAgentInfo damian
  • Template modifications patvdv
    • Changed the way individual object/page permisisons are highlighted. Instead of using round brackets '()' now using a separate icon (green coloured key: Image )
  • Added a variable in general admin panel to setup the url of the help website linked to that ? question mark in admin pages mose

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Torsten Fabricius, 09:54 UTC, Wed 19 Feb. 2014: Hello everybody, please mind the ((TikiFestSysadmin2014)) in August. Mainly meant for the Sysadmins, which are located in and near Germany (and France), active community members from Canada are expected to be attending.
luciash d' being, 12:28 UTC, Wed 01 Jan. 2014: Happy New Year ! :-)
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Rick, 16:56 UTC, Wed 31 July 2013: What happened to the avatars?
Jonny Bradley, 12:44 UTC, Wed 10 Apr. 2013: Biggest TikiFest in ages starts tomorrow [Link]

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