Restore Help Project

Our goal is to restore the integrity of help links in Tikiwiki !
It's a shame that some pages are just blank, we need a decent template and all pages filled and in every language.
If you cope with those statements and get some energy for help please join the gang and help us to restore the help.

Road Map

  • link all Official Help Pages by parsing the source
    • DONE : see RestoreHelpPages

  • incidentaly add help links to pages that would deserve one and don't have it

  • create pages that are missing
    • done by script doc/devtools/restorehelp.php

  • prepare a structure with all those pages
    • planned move : brute force sql operation from generated list of pages
    • done by script doc/devtools/restorehelp.php

  • Write down a decent Help head page. That page is a central link that will be used to understand how to use help.

  • add all pages in the 'Help' category
    • same as above : pure sql operation
    • done by script doc/devtools/restorehelp.php
    • see cat113

  • prepare a template for help pages so it's easy to add a new one

  • prepare dumps of the structure for local use and work on it on cvs

  • have a script that updates the local doc from a central doc repository

  • organize with localized tikis the mirroring of localized versions
    for now : fr, de, es, br are active, possibly nl, hu

We need help !

If you can work on one of the above points, please contact mose at tw.o

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