TikiCore takes the hoopla of Core2 & throws it out the window. Curious? ...

Tiki in Time

Tikiwiki is undoubtably one of, if not the most feature-rich, robust, reliable, secure web application available on the net today. At every turn I see someone else using Tiki.. from teachers to private sector organizations. Tiki is spreading like wildfire (except less deadly). With such a strong following, and it growing so rapidly, it's important to step back, and look at Tikiwiki as a whole.

Time to Tiki

At the hazard of sounding like mose wink ... sometimes, to move forward we must go back. In other words, we need to carefully analyze Tiki's current state, and supplement the areas that need it, as necessary.


))NeoTiki(( is like Zen, except for Tiki. When we understand Tiki as a whole, we will be able to naturally collaborate with one another to organize and pull from our various resources to supplement & strengthen Tiki, thereby bringing it to realization.

Please take this opportunity to examine (& comment on, if you like) the following linked pages. If you're interested in helping in any way, you can comment here, or on the specific page. Thanks!


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