Tiki is an application designed to grow in a neat and usable way, there are several features that allow this application to be easily enhanced and customized by programmers.

  • Smarty (the template engine) is used to sepparate content from presentation, all the logic is in the foo.php files and there s a foo.tpl file that contains the template used to display what the php file generates.
  • The whole layout of the application is present in only one file: tiki.tpl (the main template) so you can change the layout as you want by changing just this file
  • CSS is used to define the presentation properties of all the elements in the Tiki pages, themes are defined creating new CSS files and putting them in the CSS directory.
  • All the database-accessing functions are in library files in the lib directory as classes, the code in PHP files access/changes entities by calling the Tiki API.If you code new pages/modules/whatever please respect this, thanks!
  • Tiki is really easy to customize/extend, please give it a chance!

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