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A tradition in the TikiWiki community, a TikiFest is when there is a meeting between at least 2 TikiWiki contributors that don't usually meet. This is an opportunity, usually, to drink adult beverages, get some laptops out and code wildly in group sessions and/or discuss about wiki technology and culture, etc. depending the mood and context. It is a great opportunity for Tiki users and Tiki power users to meet some of the developers and learn more stuff biggrin

This event will focus on:

Google Summer of Code 2009 GSOC projects

At the bottom of this page you will see how to watch in and/or send messages to the TikiFest

Presentation and lunch at Google UK.

  • I have arranged a visit, presentation and lunch at the Google UK offices. It will be interesting, they do a lot of development work there especially with mobile devices and video.

edu.tiki.org : the resurrection

  • I propose to try to resurrect edu.tiki.org. I'm sure Xavi will say yes!. It might be the tiki site to dog-food workspaces.


To get the GSOC 2009 students together for a TikiFest and get great synergy throughout the Tiki community for these 4 massively important projects.


3rd to 5th July

Other interesting events around the TikiFest



Main event: in Central London, UK


We could rent a TikiHouse for 10-15 people.
Have a look at http://www.london30.com/ for ideas.
Matthew : would have room for about 4/5, but it will be mainly camping mattresses on the floor. Only for the TikiFest not before or after, sorry.




Day 2

Name Available dates Notes
Matthew all June impossible, and 5-22 July impossible
axold, benjamin from 3rd to 6th We will attend. Camping mattress OK too. The last night to a hotel room.
Geoff (eromneg) any except 5th July
Jonny B (jonnyb) any (good for first two weeks of July) I live about an hour from the 'fest and can offer sofa-bed (2nd to 5th or 6th only I'm afraid)
Rodrigo Primo 3rd to 5th is ok Camping mattress is ok
Jyhem 2nd to 8th confirmed Camping mattress at Matt's, leaving early on 8th, nights of 5,6,7 still unplanned
NagendraUp to 4th July Staying at Matthew's
Nelson (nkoth) 2nd to 6th confirmed sharing a hotel room with amette
Olaf-Michael (omstefanov)eve of 2 July-eve of 5 JulyDEFINITELY COMING !!!
(will be at Open Translation Tools 2009 (OTT09), Amsterdam 22-24 June). Will report on OTT09 and am still wondering what I can contribute, at the Fest (I'm not involved in Google Summer of Code, Workspaces, Profiler, or Project Repo - at least as of now.)
amette 1st to 7th confirmed sharing a hotel room with Nelson from 2nd to 6th - no accomodation yet for first and last night
Suzanne one or more of the tikifest days It's just a short train/bus ride away for me. Will be nice to see new faces and meet known ones too :-) Nothing to contribute other than to drink --beer-- adult beverages and have some fun the Tiki Way.
add your name and possible dates

Travel in to central london


What are we going to talk about?

For those who wants to know what are we going to talk, here we have a resume:


  1. Workspaces Integration GUI GSOC2009 - The main thing I've focused right now
  2. Profiler Tool - A new concept tool that I've thinking to develop
  3. Project repo (repo.tiki.org) - My contribuition to TikiWiki community


  1. Workspaces Integration Databases Layers -GSOC 2009

Jyhem: User interface consistency discussion

[+] Status of Wysiwyg


Olaf-Michael (omstefanov):

  1. If others are interested, and I have interesting things to report, will report on Open Translation Tools 2009, held in Amsterdam 22-24 June. (see http://www.aspirationtech.org/events/opentranslation/2009 as well as http://ott09.aspirationtech.org/index.php/OTT09_Schedule for the draft agenda.)
  2. A topic related to Workspaces may be the problem I've run into with the wiki for the international organizations and EU bodies language services (http://jiamcatt.ourwiki.net albeit-most parts are restricted to members, but I can show these in London), namely that there is no view/read-only permission, not even conceptually, for Newsletter archives in TikiWiki. I'm looking (a) to see whether Workspaces would be good for this wiki (b) for someone interested and willing to fill this gap in TikiWiki.


  1. phpBB and MediaWiki-TikiWiki importer

Nagendra + Matthew:

  1. Kultura video


Video streaming, skype, twitter Information



We are on Twiter a the Tikifest channel.


Video & Audio via Ustream.tv

IRC Chat via webchat.freenode.net

IRC Chat Log


If you want to join in remotely

We realy want to see you even if you can not make. Please Skype matthew and we will keep you in contact and join you in to the conference when we are TikiFesting. Login to get Skype ID


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