After popular request on IRC (if you can call chealer popular biggrin), I started this page to give you some information about ))Kon-Tiki((, the raft of Thor Heyerdahl (°1914 +2002).

There is no intended link at all (that I know of) between ))Kon-Tikiand Tikiwiki, apart from the obvious name similarity. The simple fact that Tiki rhimes with Wiki could be a logical reason why Luis (the Tikiwiki author) chose this name. He could as well have chosenKikiWiki — ((Userpageavgasse" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">avgasse

I find some similarities. We take a light language to build a fullblown but not so complicated application that effectively goes somewhere. The crew in ))Kon-Tikimose

But these similarities are, of course, purely coincidental. — avgasse

The ))Kon-Tiki(( Expedition

If you want to know more about the ))Kon-TikiExpedition, please visit the website of theKon-Tiki(( Museum: http://www.museumsnett.no/kon-tiki/.

I couldn't explain it better than they do!

Or when you are in Norway, you can visit the museum yourself.

Etymology Of Wiki

Patrick Taylor, an etymologist, has written the following definition of wiki for the 2004 American Heritage Dictionary.

[wiki, abbreviation of ))WikiWikiWeb, name given in 1995 by American computer programmer Ward Cunningham to his new code, which permits the easy development of collaborative websites whose content can be edited by anyone with access to them. From Hawaiian wikiwiki “fast, speedy,??? reduplication of wiki “fast,??? akin to Tahitian viti and vitiviti, “deft, alert, well done,??? both fromProto-Eastern-Polynesian(( *witi.]

Patrick adds, You’ve probably noticed that the Hawaiian word has a k where the Tahitian has a t. This is a regular correspondence between Hawaiian and the other Austronesian languages. Other examples include Hawaiian maka “eye??? and koko “blood,??? which correspond to Tahitian mata “eye,??? toto “blood,??? and to Samoan mata, toto too. The same correspondence shows up in Hawaiian kapu “sacred, forbidden??? next to Maori, Rarotongan, Samoan, and Tahitian tapu. One of these (we are not quite certain which) was the source of our English word taboo. Of course, we can't forget that "aloha" in Samoan is "talofa".

Source: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?EtymologyOfWiki

My personal thoughts about this: Tikiwiki is not really a Hawaiian or Tahitian word, but a mix of both. In Hawaiian it would have been ))KikiWikiand in Tahitian it would have beenTitiWiti((. Assuming the word would exist in either languages, of course. — avgasse

in hungarian kapu means a door, portal, and tabu means taboo - just a thought after reading, i felt worth sharing — ang

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