Kill stuff

- 2 hours (Day 1)

  1. themegenerator - jonny DONE
  2. morcego 3d - nelson DONE
  3. brosho.js - jonny DONE
  4. maps server - jonny DONE
  5. blip.tv - gezza DONE, updated https://doc.tiki.org/Pluginbliptv and https://dev.tiki.org/Tiki15
  6. jquery 1.9.x (upgrade to 2.x) - jonny + 30min testing everyone DONE
  7. ...

 To do stuff
  • remove writes to DB for page hits - amette 1h (Day 1) DONE
  • SEFURL modifier - add to url in templates/mail/*.tpl - 1h (divide up and do Day 1) DONE
  • add stats admin panel (jonny) - 1h Day 1 DONE
  • release FOSDEM article/post/thing - 30 m Day 1 DONE
  • tiki 12.6 release (Day 2) DONE
  • make branch/15.x (Day 2) DONE
  • Add running composer, if paths in temp/cache/container.php are wrong DONE
  • If we have extra time
    • fix blog month list php errors
    • fix edit menu option broken div
    • User files control panel - moving prefs to other panels and shut this down: Move "User Files" preferences from a distinct button/area/tab in the main admin panel down to file galleries & community, but in one only write a link and integrate the pref in the other area to prevent code duplication and overcrowding the admin panels => gezzza pointed this out and wants to do it.
  • Multidomain Sites
    Nelson and Torsten discussed the setup of Multidomain Sites for ex. for organisations with independant local groups or topically distinct projects. A test setup was made with 'Perspectives' and 'Categries' to build up enclosed site areas for the groups and projects. Several missing or incomplete features have been identified (likely more to find).
    • Menus - Administrators and Webmasters of one perspective/group shall not be able to alter the menus of other groups (if not admin in both groups). Nelson suggested to make menus categorisable (after T15).
    • Structures - if 'categorise all pages in a structure together' is set and category jail is used, the display of structures shall respect the jail and show only the structure(s) categorised with a jailed category. DONE by Nelson
    • Category -
    • Namespaces - option/preference: ignore none-namespace page names when default namespace is set (to a perspective) and rewrite autoatically with namespace prepended (and respect the selected namespace deliminiter)
      example: page "link to a page xyz.example.com/Frankfurt gets frankfurt.example.com/f:_:Frankfurt in the perspective of Frankfurt local group and hamburg.example.com/hh:_:Frankfurt in Hamburg local group and thus */Frankfurt is limited to one specific global or national groups perspective, which would not use a namespace.
  • Nelson and Jonny and Gezza discussed implementation strategies for the concept of Roles in Tiki
  • Shadow Layers: better explain use cases for shadow layers and add wireframe to page themes.t.o/Layout+Templates
  • doc.t.o - rework pages related to themeing and customization
  • doc.t.o - rework pages related to LESS plugin

 Discuss stuff
  • Whelp
  • how to compile less file changes OK https://dev.tiki.org/Using+Less+CSS+with+Tiki
  • how to efficiently debug javascript (eg: lib\language\js\interactive_translation.js)
  • image gallery (migration script?)
  • transifex, shutting down i18n.tiki.org
  • phpstorm syntax warnings
  • jenkins - why not use? DONE jenkins revived at https://quality.tiki.org
  • Mime types
  • Roles DISCUSSED, jonnyb takes a shot at it
  • new logos DONE attached file with material that was dicussed
  • Tiki Wiki CMS - No Groupware
  • feedback method about completed actions - http://bootstrap-notify.remabledesigns.com/
  • Tiki Software Foundation
  • ...