If well there is some integration between the different tiki features, is a long road and more could and maybe should be done.

There are a lot of things that are common to all features, like themes, userbase, categories, and a bit more, but after this, there are few other points of contact, and will be good to have more, to have a more tighly integrated feature set, it would make the system maybe more orthogonal, more easy to understand, more predictable behaviour between sections.

Text edition is a good first example. You can enter text in wiki pages, where you can put text with the wiki syntax, refer or create more pages and insert html text, but the same behaviour not exist in blogs, forums, comments, etc, where you have areas to enter text, but they could not support the wiki syntax, or the html input, or have plain text entry only. Could be maybe better to have common editor and/or viewer class, where it could be used, or one extension of it, in most areas where you edit or show text entered by the user.

Galleries are another example. At first, there are two different kind of galleries, and I'm not sure how big should be the difference to have them sepparated, a file gallery that show thumnails where the file is an image file, support custom icons, actions depending on the mime type, and different view modes (ie icon view could be similar to the actual image gallery, list files to the actual file galleries, and more viewing modes could be implemented.

But there is more in integration that having one thing instead of several that do similar things. Between different sections could be more integration, and things of one could be included in another.

Lets talk about wiki pages. A whole system could be done integrating most features inside wiki. Let's see

  • A file/image gallery could be associated to a wiki page. When you create a wiki page, could exist an "automatically" created image gallery created where you upload files by using a tag {image name=foo.jpg other parameters| description} and selecting a link that says, much like the actual dialog to create illustrations, something like click here to upload file foo.jpg. A wiki page supports comments, so, why not make an automatic forum for that wiki page for the comments? the dialogs should be less, or not, than the "standalone" version of the dialogs, but the engine, the databases, most of things, is already done there. The same reasoning could be done with blogs, trackers, polls, directories, etc. Note also that none of this have sense without the original wiki page so the permissions to access all this features should be similar to the permission of the wiki page itself, and listing them with the "main site" forums, directories, etc could be very out of context. And the same kind of attachments and automatic creation could be extended to categories also.
  • There are some "outside" things that can be included right now in a wiki page, like modules, dynamic content, and things like that. But why not extend that to the content? to have links to some image in the galleries, or a file to download, or a box with a posting in a blog, or the titles within a forum, or the entry or output forms of trackers?
  • A mixing between those two. In a wiki page I can put a unexisting wikiword and I can create the page following an "?" link. If I have priviledges to do so, could I refer to unexisting outside-wiki objects and have the option to automatically create them?

Now about users. I have MyTiki where my own pages, watches, bookmarks, etc are simply listed, but that is not "my home", or at least, something more integrated could be done... maybe a page that could be UserPortalgmuslera, a cemter that connects me to what I think I should check into the site after I login. What if I have a preferred log with an entry form there, reports of changes or replys to content I put around the system, and direct links or partial show to my everything, my image/file galleries, my bookmarks/directory, listing of stats to polls I started or want to watch, etc. What if things are so integrated that I could have all of this "displaying" the wiki page UserPortalgmuslera and all the related content? What can imply this kind of things?

Most of this is built around wiki, as it is the "center" of all Tikiwiki, but a similar approach could be done for almost everything... why not have an "automatic" forum attached to an image gallery or viceversa? or a directory of "special" blog or forums posts? or a tracker containing, well, almost anything. The trick is trying to see how to join two random features and think in cases where that would be wonderful or essential (i.e. trackers are very isolated from the rest of the tiki, even with its potential, and calendars have a good example on how gets related to articles, and may be a lot more).

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