Some notes about what Tiki is using for mail purpose.


  • Tiki was using to send emails the php function mail and for the newsletter that needs html + attachment capacities htmlMimeMail.php (the phpguru.org library - licence BSD). This library has some bugs: incorrect utf-8 encoding headers. The mail phpfunction deals only with iso-8859-1 charset
  • In the webmail feature, the libraries MimeDecode and pop3 (from phpguru.org - belongs to PEAR distribution - license php.net/2_02). MimeDecode is also buggy if the header is encoding and is not adapted for our needs as it doesn't handle the charset (utf8) we want the message to be.

Some other library seem to deal with mail

  • the class rc4crypt : a very old version - license GPL
  • decodemessages.php - unused
  • lib/ziplib.php

I(sylvie) tried to replace each call to the php mail function by the htmlMimeMail call to have a correct utf-8 encoding of the body and header. At the same time, I tried to send mail in the user preferred language and charset.
At the same time Luciash introduced lib/mail/maillib.php to deal with header encoding.
I extended htmlMailMime to handle utf8 headers
I patched MimeDecode to receive iso-8859-1 and others emails

Marc Fargas (TeLeNiEkO) is working on lib/webmail/mail.php and /tests/mail_test.php (6/9/2004) . Its supports iamp a,d pop3

What tiki needs:

  • to read emails encoding into differerent charset and to transform them into utf-8
  • to send email in different charsets from utf-8
  • to support pop3 / imap
  • lgpl libraries

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