This feature (the ability to group pages together, navigate between pages in a group and reference pages in other wikis) has fast become a key requirement for good wiki collaboration. For those that think Tiki does this already, please read the Wiki Page Groups section of WikiDev, then WikiStructureModule, then the rest of this page.

  • ))PmWikiWikiGroups]
  • TwikiWikiTwiki webs]
  • DokuWikiWiki Namespaces]
  • TikiPro(( calls this feature Wiki Books
  • We (Tiki) call(s) this feature Wiki Farm
  • Others call it wiki (or web) hubs, wiki (or web) spheres, wiki page collections or wiki page groups.

I'd guess that it wouldn't be too much work to get this working. The key features would seem to be:

  • extend Structures with a feature similar to External wikis, but
    • only accepts local URLs
    • in formatting rules, uses slash ("/") or period (".") rather than the colon (":") that External wikis uses to seperate group from page name. Where period (".") is used, this is translated to slash ("/") in the URL
    • when displaying the page, correctly highlights the WikiWord or appends a "?" to the wiki word depending upon whether the destination exists or not (the external wikis feature always assumes that a destination exists, which isn't appropriate for page groups)
  • breadcrumbing above the page title to indicte the group hierarchy to which the page belongs (see examples, below) - Structures does this
  • add namespaces: wiki links within a page that belongs to a group are relative to that group (see: http://wiki.java.net/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiTopics#Creating_and_editing_topics) and the Wiki Namespaces section of WikiDev, particularly the TikiNameSystem proposal.


Suggested syntax

  • ((NameSpaceName.PageName)) - fully qualified
  • ((NameSpaceName.SubNameSpaceName.PageName)) - fully qualified
  • ((.NameSpaceName.PageName)) - fully qualified
  • ((.NameSpaceName.SubNameSpaceName.PageName)) - fully qualified
  • ((PageName)) - page called ))PageName(( in same namespace as this page
  • ((.PageName)) - page called ))PageName(( in same namespace as this page

Tiki page namespace names (like Tiki page names) would be case-insensitive.

Suggested namespaces

  • / - the default namespace
  • /People (or User or UserPage) - the namespace where user pages live
  • /SandBox - the no-save namespace
  • /Tiki - the namespace containing information about Tiki - might be a single brief FAQs page also containing links to tw.o on some installs, a complete copy of the Tiki documentation on doc.tw.o for others (see TWiki namespace for ideas).

It should be noted that if this namespaces proposal is implemented then bookmarked URLs will break. The same has probably been true of all other wikis that implemented namespaces and a similar effect is often seen in code and XML when namespace support is switched on.

Who is working on what?

See also

  • Structures
  • WikiStructureModule
  • MultiTiki
  • WikiFarm
  • WikiDev - namespaces section

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