The ring of tikiwiki community website

see also TikiServersNetwork

How does this work ?

This web ring is manual for now, I hope we'll integrate an automatic webring feature in tikiwiki soon. The tools for the ring are :

  • a custom menu holding the urls of all the websites in the ring
  • a set of rss url for available syndication
  • a tikiwiki.org two-letters subdomain optionnaly, for localized dedicated tikiwiki, or any subdomain depending the topic of te tikiwiki website
  • release flow of sql script for website maintainers to update their custom menu and rss feeds at weekly rate (tikiring script will be a separate php simple script to be compatible with any tikiwiki version from 1.6).

Requirement for tikiwiki website to be part of the ring

  • behave compliantly with community environment (very tricky way to declare that there is no prior rule, only afterwards moderation of anything if anything has to be dealt with).
  • enable phplayers for display of the usermenu is optional, as the menu can be displayed with any shape
  • being able to manage a virtualhost and keep admin at tw.o informed of any change if you use a tikiwiki.org subdomain
  • have a server on a static IP with honest bandwidth (dsl home servers are tolerated though, but we know it's not a very reliable way to provide a service on a long term).
  • setup a tikiwiki minimal version 1.7.5 and manage it like you want.

List of tikiwiki community websites in the ring

  • http://tikiwiki.org
    • international (bad) english spoken, the main community website (some other languages are used here eratically).
    • hosting forums, wiki largest development cloud, directory links, FAQs and actually many other things that will tend to a spliting in other websites for load sharing (imagegal and filegals go to uk.tw.o, thx damian ! :-)
    • hosted by UserPagemose

Localized sites (geographically or linguistically)

  • http://fr.tiki.org
    • french spoken, dedicated to french-speaking community not only from france
    • hosted by UserPagemose

  • http://de.tiki.org
    • german spoken, dedicated to german-speaking community
    • hosting developers documentation tools (xref, doxygen, tikidoc) and cvs tarballs.
    • hosted by UserPageohertel

  • http://hu.tiki.org
    • hungarian spoken, for hunagrian tikiwiki community
    • hosted by UserPageang

  • http://br.tiki.org
    • brazilian-portuguese spoken, dedicated to brazilian tikiwiki community
    • hosted by UserPagewesleywillians from 3RCorp.Net

  • http://anafa.avantech.net
    • french and wolof spoken, dedicated to senegalese tikiwiki community
    • hosted by UserPageMarcLaporte

Purposeful tikiwiki websites

  • http://doc.tiki.org
    • english spoken, dedicated to the documentation of the tikiwiki Polaris version ( 1.8 )
    • hosted by UserPageMarcLaporte

  • http://irc.tiki.org
    • display of the tikiwiki irc network live logs, only most recent displayed
    • hosted by UserPagemose

  • http://mods.tiki.org
    • general repository for wild contribution of tikiwiki mods without any license limits
    • hosted by UserPagemose

  • http://dennisgdaniels.com
    • used as a live classroom it's a demo-live website of tikiwiki Sirius ( 1.9 )
    • hosted by UserPageDennisDaniels

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