Our Project

We're an international group of Indymedia activists and our project is to set up an Indymedia website on alternatives to corporate globalization.
Mostly used Indymedia softwares (Active/Sf-Active/DadaImc/Mir) we think are not useful for our purposes, so we're looking for a software that can satisfy our needs. As core group we have low/no tech skills, but if needed we can reach people that have them (basicly for installation/root access to server/etc..)
Here you can find an example of what kind of contents we wish to put on this website.

The main functions of the ))SocialForge(( website will be:

1) an informative website on theorical/practical alternatives to corporate globalization;
2) an online collaborative "research lab" where to collectively propose and develop projects.

RFE (Request for Enhancement)

These are the basic features needed:

1. Sections: multiple sections and multiple subsections

2. Multilingual interface;

3. Multilingual separated contents;

3.1 Language switching: anonymous users have the right to switch from a language-based section to another;

4. Layout: it is based on header, footer, three columns (right/center/left column). Example: http://italy.indymedia.org;

4.1 Header: as language-based section changes, as image-based header changes (logo_en.jpg/logo_fr.jpg/ soon) and also inside language-based sections' subsections (logo_en_cat1.jpg/logo_en_cat2.jpg)

4.2 Central column: it displays (on section homepage and on subsections homepages)
editorial features (features -they can be categorizable- are created by admins through a txt/html/wiki form from admin interface and are editable only by admins), and users-made pages (users-made pages -they can be categorizable- are created by anonymous users throught a txt/html/wiki form, directely from public interface — these pages can be be publicly editable by all or can locked if publishers are registered users--admins have the right to edit/remove/(hide) users-made pages).

4.3 Right column: it displays a newswire which lists the users-made pages, ordered by publish date, with title, date, hour, publisher nickname

4.4 Left column: it contains language-based menus

4.5 Footer: it contains language-based website infos (powered by, disclaimer, copyright infos, soon)

5. Permissions' system

5.1 Groups: three basic groups are needed, Admins, Registered users and Anonymous users (these are not registered users, but if they want they can put their nicknames on posting forms)

5.2 Features: editorial features must have two ways to be displayed: *work in progress*, viewable only by admins' group, *production* viewable also by anonymous' group

__to be continued_


Magius: I'm not a coder, so please don't expect by me any technical specification! if you'll understand what kind of mods I need but you think I espressed them badly, please edit this page freely! ..And excuse me for my bad english!

2.Multilingual interface

Multilingual system interface: actually Tiki already has a multilingual interface, but only registered users can switch from a language to another. I need that anonymous users can have language switching available.

Note: As I know, Sylvieg developped for Tiki 1.8 a cookies' based languages' switching module re-using the themes' switching module concept (as you can see on http://cadev.wss.yale.edu/tikicvs)

3 Multilingual separated contents

to be developped!

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