I compiled a short list of tips, tricks and facts that are not completely obvious to end-users. Perhaps we can use it in a "tip of the day" system. Please add to this list.

  • If the edit link for a page appears in red this means that another user is editing this page. Wait until the edit button turns back to its regular color before editing the document to avoid problems.
  • Double clicking on a page will automatically bring up the edit page (if you have set the double click feature in your user preference page)".
  • If you start editing a page and then change your mind, remember to hit cancel so you do not lock the page for editing for other users.
  • When linking to a non-HTML file (more specifically non-ASCII), like binaries or PDFs, remember to use the "nocache" directive, like so:
    [http://www.blah.com/blah.zip|Blah File|nocache]
    You must include a description for the link after the first pipe and before the second.
  • You must use the "nocache directive when linking to protected pages (ex. CASified pages).
  • You can give focus to the search box by hitting ALT-S in Windows and CTRL-S in MacOS.
  • Two spaces at the beginning of the line displays the line in courier font. That probably nullifies all other wiki code on that line.
  • Click the small image/icon next to each link on the left menu to get a dropdown menu.
  • Using PHPA and clearing cache's: make sure you clean both the Smarty and PHPA cache/temporary files or you will get very unexpected and unreliable display results.
  • If zlib.output_compression in php.ini is set to ON, or you are using the Apache mod_gzip module, do not enable gzip compression in the Tikiwiki settings. If you do, you will see nothing but garbage on your site. Always make sure you only use 1 compression mechanism!
  • Permission levels in Tiki are merely default/suggested sets of permissions; you need to actually assign the permissions (using levels or not as a guideline) to groups rather than just adding permissions to the levels.
  • If you lose your menu redface because of the LeftColBug for example, you can get back to your Admin page by '(yoursite)/tiki-admin.php'. If you ticked 'layout by section' then unticking it and refreshing could bring it back.
  • You may want to login directly in using '(yoursite)/tiki-login.php'.
  • If you're making a survey and you want to insert a multiple choice question, you have to separate the choices with commas like this:

choice a, choice b, choice c

This is definitely not obvious and not mentioned on the survey admin page (as far as I can tell).

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