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TouchGraph support was removed in Tiki 1.7.9 morcego offers similar functionality but without the user needing to install software on their PC (It is a java applet)

If you would like to get this back working (and can code a little), please contact marclaporte

TouchGraph provides a hands-on way to visualize networks of interrelated information. Networks are rendered as interactive graphs, which lend themselves to a variety of transformations. By engaging their visual image, a user is able to navigate through large networks, and to explore different ways of arranging the network's components on screen.

The touchgraph wiki browser is a nice application that can be used to view a graphical representation of the Tiki wiki.

Please see a TouchGraph WikiBrowser screenshot of tikiwiki.org


Contributors to this page: Marc Laporte and DennisDaniels .
Page last modified on Wednesday 19 July 2006 17:45:24 UTC by Marc Laporte.

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