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From UserPageardavis

PluginFormula rendering problem
I've noticed that when I enable PluginFormula and render some equations (specifically ones including exponentiation ^), the image comes out OK, but often there will be some additional html garbage tagged on to the end of it... which doesn't look very nice. I was able to figure out that this is probably happening because the wiki renderer is interpreting the text inside of the IMG ALT field. A simple patch to include wiki "no process" tags in there seems to fix it up. The patch follows:

@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@
                $file = $tmpf . ".png";
                $html = "<img src=\"temp/" .$file.
-                       "\" alt=\"" .$data. "\" ".
+                       "\" alt=\"" .$data. "\" ".
        return $html;

From UserPagericks99 on some neat code modifications.

From AkiraMultiTiki on setting up multi tiki installation.

Trying out the TikiSheet function.

Error loading spreadsheet

Works here but not on my site....strange....still figuring out.

The below are scrrenshots from my localhost and server machine - they have the same screenshots.
This is a newly created sheet populated with some data.

After Save button is click, you noticed that it is a blank page.

Inline module

Notice how the first line of text wraps round the last in-line module. Is there a way to make it not wrapping around? See attachment since I can't seems to be able to attach any picture here right now?? wondering whether there is a problem with Tiki??

-- 6 Oct 05

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