Banners and Script Tags

The TW security team recently decided to remove SCRIPT tags from banner HTML text. This is unfortunate since most revenue generating banners use script tags. Therefore I use IFrames now. The src of the iframe points to a plain HTML file that displays the ad via a SCRIPT tag.

TW's banner functionality is such that you don't have to do any coding, which is nice. I wrote my own simple ad rotator in php.


I'm Terris Linenbach. I've been a Wiki fan since I first saw the Portland Pattern Repository before the word "web" became part of popular culture.

I installed Tiki on my personal website, which is a Linux server, starting in July 2003. I immediately became a Tiki advocate.

My TW Sites

More to come!

TW Editing Kickstart

I wrote my own Sandbox type Wiki page. It has taken me about six months to find most of the Wiki tricks and I hope others can benefit from my research being cataloged in a single location.

TW Installation

I wrote the brief and outdated install instructions for IIS at IisInstall.

TW Usage

  • I don't much care for WikiWords. I think the (( syntax invented by the Tiki team is brilliant.
  • See my wiki work experience.

At work, we use Tiki Wiki as a knowledge base for our support folks, a design metabase for our developers, and a project metabase for project managers. Wikis are extremely flexible. We really only use Tiki for its Wiki at work becase everyone is already used to Exchange, Office, and TeamTrack which is an expensive and utterly horrid bug tracking system. I hope that someday Trackers can replace the need for bug tracking software (keep working mose! lol).

  • See also WikiVsDocuments

TW Nits

My biggest gripe about TW usability is the lack of wysiwyg wiki editing. This makes TW wiki adoption extremely difficult especially for non-geek users. See EditorDev.

RSS feeds could be even more useful if they were better implemented. When attachments or comments are altered, nothing appears in the feed, nor does it appear in the calendar. Boo!

I think it's odd that __ is used for bold and === is used for underlining. First of all, an underscore *is* an underline, so these formats are reversed. Secondly, I have to type two _'s and three ='s. So much for ease of use. My users typically just use HTML because in many cases it's easier.

Please see this tracker item for the much needed "send Wiki page as HTML via email" feature.

I have high expectations for free software and I personally implore all you Tiki developers to stop working for free! biggrin You're making us Java/C#/C++ programmers look bad.

MySql Database Corruption

I have found this page invaluable for de-corrupting a tiki database. It has saved my life!

Stupid Tiki Tricks

ActiveDirectory Integration

I'd like to authenticate using Microsoft's Active Directory. Any ideas how to do this?

    • This has been answered in the comments

Disabling CSRF (sea surfing) Detection

Comment out the contents of check_ticket in lib/tikiticketlib.php

Date format in calendar

The date format is hard-coded. Edit tiki-calendar.php and replace the text "%d/%m" with, say, the much better (:biggrin:) "%m/%d" format. I have submitted a feature request that the calendar use the user's date format preference.

Allowing users who don't have global tiki_p_view to edit certain Wiki pages

  1. Click "perms" while viewing the wiki page and assign tiki_p_view and tiki_p_edit to the group that the user is in
  2. Modify tiki-editpage.php and replace the code

if ($tiki_p_view != 'y') {


if (0) { // $tiki_p_view != 'y'

Large File Upload (galleries, attachments)

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